Attempting the Blog-o-sphere… take two


My first and meant-to-be-timely-if-not-interesting post landed in my blog “drafts” folder.  Not that I thought anyone would want to read it anyway!  Ah, the world of blogging. 

If I can get the hang of this, I should really consider going back to review a couple of those things I bought online, in large part due to diligent other internet user reviews.  I should be more compelled to share back into the internet world some of what I glean from it.  But I just don’t think anyone would, or should, care about my own opinion most of the time.

Are bloggers just people that don’t have friends?  Why would anyone blog?  I am attempting to find purpose in just writing generally without a recipient in mind.  If I could think about all the friends I am delinquent in correspondance… maybe I could send their emails to a few witty blogger types.

Days Two and Three of the 30-Days of Biking:

 Not much riding due to other issues at home.  But if to allow a more broad definition of “biking”… I have stayed committed to working on ‘things bike’.  Day Two involved figuring out and installing the rain tent on the bakfiet, alongside multiple conversations with Sam (bike shop) in attempt to figure out the babboe toddler seat.  Unfortunately, that swift light seat is just not meant to be.  Sam is going to look into custom options, and I am eyeing up the toddler swing and a few screws to make this all work.  In the meantime, Charlie is just happy to be outside, I think.  Though while I can affirm he likes the cargo bike… he LOVES the bus we took in bringing the bike into the shop last week.

Day Three- well, if you cannot ride, you can again work on your ride.  Today’s work involved learning about, getting specs for, and securing a bicycle skirt guard.  Sound like something to keep a bike clean?  It’s not.  It’s to keep momma from getting eaten by the bike wheel, if or when she wants to ride in a skirt!  How very stylish.  Now, I will just need to dig and try to find some old skirts.



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